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Dry Shampoo Extra Texture

It´s cheat day for your hair! 1st got2b Dry Shampoos with Haloscent® technology for up to 48h of fragrance, instant, long-lasting freshness and texture without white residues**.

200 ml

This got2b Dry Shampoo Extra Texture cleans & refreshes the look in between washes in no time and adds a boost of texture. Infused with our new Haloscent® Technology that transforms the experience of fragrances by releasing not only one, but two perfume molecules over time - for long-lasting fragrance for up to 48 hrs, paired with freshness and the extra kick of texture without white residues**. Best of all, the vegan* formula contains 8.6% of natural-derived ingredients** and the can body is made of 50% recycled aluminium. Both can & overcap are recyclable***.

* Free from animal derived ingredients
** Including 0% of water
*** Check local recycling instructions

Butane · Propane · Alcohol denat. · Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch · Isobutane · Cellulose · Parfum (Fragrance) · Aqua (Water, Eau) · Linalool · Hexyl Cinnamal · Limonene · Cetrimonium Chloride · Citronellol · Benzyl Alcohol

Brush out your hair well and put a towel on your shoulders. Shake can well before every usage and in between bursts. Section hair, spray onto dry hair from a distance of about 20cm and let it dry shortly. Use a towel or your fingertips to massage it into the hair starting from the roots & brush out excess.

Hacks: Spray all over hair with sweeping motion for extra grip & texture when styling. To keep your dry shampoo fresh, always close the cap and store in a dry place. If sprayer clogs, run it under warm water and dry the sprayer thoroughly before use.




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